10 Great Study And Homework Tips For College Students

College is going to show you the best time of your life, hands down. But if you don’t work well simultaneously, you will rue the day…!

College is supposed to be fun. You meet new people, make new friends; share and experience things you never knew were even an option. College is, without a doubt, going to be the best time of your life, probably.

But college is just as much about studying and learning as it is about beer pong and the titular socks on the knobs.

We’ve compiled a short list of some useful pointers that should help you study and perform your homework assignments as a college student:

  1. Read what your professors have asked you to: In all likelihood, your professors are going to allocate some reading material to you, reading which would be cardinal for you to be able to keep up during lectures. Fail to do this, and you will rue the day.
  2. Its not all about books: Suppose you are an engineering or a biology student. You read about some concept, and understood. But you have no conception of what it means practically. In the job market, do you really think someone cares that you read about it? Learn to do it, learn from Nike and just do it.
  3. The classes are huge, don’t get lost: Given the typical large class size in most colleges, you would normally be just a face to your professors. This will not help you when you want them to write you a recommendation letter, or when you list them as a reference from employers. Don’t be just another face in the crowd.
  4. Learn the art of taking notes: No, you are not in high school anymore. You are in college, take notes, it will help you!
  5. Don’t be a parrot: Suppose you are a law student, and you know the law. So what? Learn to understand it, bend it, manipulate it, break it, and get away with it. That’s what you are supposed to learn.
  6. Don’t sleep in class: Sleep in class, and miss out on the thousands of dollars you spent to listen to what they professors have to say. Money, not well spent.
  7. Read: If you’ve read well enough, you will have ideas of your own. Read.
  8. Don’t party too hard: Partying is important, but don’t party so much that you are hung over all the time and cant get productive study done.
  9. Don’t be anal: If your roommate is irritating, live with it. Being anal will only make you miserable.
  10. Live a little: Find a balance between your personal and professional lives.