Dealing With Homework Time Management Problems: Effective Techniques

Do you start doing your weekend homework at 9 p.m. on Saturday night? Is it difficult for you to combine your after-school activities and hobbies with doing your home assignment? Do you talk on the phone, do homework, surf the net – all at the same time? If your answers to these questions are “Yes”, you have certain problems with homework time management. Therefore, you should make efforts to develop your time management skills. It is vitally important for your future life and career, because these skills stimulate your abilities in self-monitoring, self-control and planning. None of us was born with time management skills. To acquire them is a big job. But once you get them, you will become more productive, energetic and efficient.

These are some effective techniques that will help you cope with homework time management problems:

  1. Keep a diary for about two weeks, in which record your activities in relation to the time you spend on them. It will help you find gaps in your schedule. Mind that rest is also an activity.
  2. Keep a to-do list. Prioritize your tasks, using an A, B, C, D…. coding system. Doing so, you will get used to monitor the time and importance of the tasks, especially when you face a lot of them.
  3. Do the most important thing first. But in case you have the task you don`t like, it would be better to start with it, when you are full of energy.
  4. If you work on some time consuming task, for example on a project, break it down into chunks. Don`t try to do everything at one time.
  5. Eliminate procrastination. Don`t seek for or invent excuses for not starting your homework in due time. Procrastination makes you feel guilty for the delay of work. If you experience this feeling constantly, it may result in escalation of stress. Besides, remember: the earlier you start, the earlier you finish.
  6. Avoid multi-tasking. Focus on one task at a time. This way you will achieve the best quality of work.
  7. Take breaks. Let your brains rest for some time and recharge for a new portion of work. Go for a 15-minutes’ walk, play with your dog or listen to some melodious music. Try to take a break every hour.
  8. Organize your working place properly. Don`t make a chaos on your desk and in your room. Make them free from all possible distractions.
  9. Refer to your teachers or parents if you don`t understand the task clearly.