Ten Useful Graphic Design Homework Ideas For College Students

Graphic design is such an exciting subject to study at college. Unfortunately, you may find it tough to come up with new ideas for your homework or projects, especially because there are just so many options. That’s where this article comes in: it contains ten great ideas for homework or projects for graphic design college students.

Number 1: A type of packaging for something

Almost everything we buy comes in some form of packaging, so it’s all around us. You can come up with an innovative design for packaging for a certain type of item or product.

Number 2: A magazine article format or layout

There are countless magazines out there, and each of them is filled with articles in different formats and layouts. Try creating an interesting format or layout for a magazine article.

Number 3: An advertisement

We’re constantly bombarded with advertising, so businesses are trying harder to make their advertisements more engaging than all the others out there. You can make an engaging advertisement for a product or service.

Number 4: A font

All printed words need use a font of some sort. Some are designed to be interesting, while others are meant to be easy to read. Try coming up with a new font of your own.

Number 5: The cover of a book

While we’re often reminded to not judge a book by its cover, many of us do so anyway. Thus, it’s vital for book covers to be engaging. Try creating an engaging cover for a book.

Number 6: A company logo

Many organisations have logos to help consumers recognise and remember them. You can design a memorable logo for some type of organisation.

Number 7: An album cover

Album covers often have fascinating designs. Try coming up with an eye-catching design for an album cover.

Number 8: A product

Businesses are constantly trying to create product designs that will convince people to buy their products. You can choose a type of product and develop an appealing design for it.

Number 9: A window display

Shops normally try to draw as many customers as possible with attention grabbing window displays. Try designing an attention grabbing window display for a specific type of shop.

Number 10: A calendar or diary

Most people use some type of calendar or diary to keep track of their appointments. You can make a functional and attractive template for a calendar or diary.