4 Tricks That Can Help You Handle Your Astronomy Homework


Studying math and physics is one thing. Studying astronomy is quite another subject altogether. Students could be forgiven for believing that these are difficult assignments. But there is really no excuse for not handing in your homework on time.

A Few things to remember before proceeding to your essay writing

Your teacher will have given you clear instructions on how to handle the assignment. He will have directed you to the relevant chapters in your study guide or textbook. Many students, in an unproductive rush, to turn in poor homework simply learn by rote. Not working beyond what is given to you is dangerous and could lead to a clear fail.

4 Tricks to help you sail through astronomy

So, the chosen topic is astronomy. The same principles of applied science and studying background theories in subjects such as history and economics should apply. Adopting a few basic methods could mean making the great leap from an average C to an A Plus paper.

  1. Read the undersigned chapters closely. Don’t read beyond what has been assigned.
  2. Read and research beyond the text. The library remains the best resource center.
  3. Online research is tricky on its own. Resource links are not always credible and at this point of your student career you may not yet be acclimatized to know the differences between the good, the bad and the just plain ugly. There are, however, great links, but many of them may be too complex to grasp right now. Some of these links, including online encyclopedias, are also outdated. You could begin your research with the NAS center though.
  4. NASA’s informational guides are user-friendly and designed to be understood by the layman. Non-downloadable video’s give you a perfect, visual interpretation of your subject matter. Again, make use of your local resource center. The library could have a large volume of DVD’s related to the field of astronomy.

Two of the world’s greatest astronomers of the modern era were Britain’s Sir Patrick Moore and our very own Carl Sagan. They have long since made their way to the stars. They have left volumes of their own work both in book form and on DVD. You would be doing your studies in astronomy a disservice if you did not pay these great men a visit and study what they found.